ENNOH will bring together the unique expertise of HTNOs for the benefit of European citizens by fulfilling the mandates given to ENNOH in the EU legislation.

Mission Statement


ENNOH’s main mission is to:

Promote the development and proper functioning of the internal market for hydrogen and the cross-border trade.

Ensure the optimal management, coordinated operation and sound technical evolution of the European hydrogen transmission network.

ENNOH’s work on regulatory/expert tasks and deliverables will include:

Developing Network Codes and technical recommendations of multiple topics for efficient and effective market and system operation.

Elaborating Union-wide Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDP) and all associated developments.

"Providing regular information, delivering common operational tools, and ensuring regional cooperation, as requested by EU H2&Gas Markets Decarbonisation Package”

News & Announcements

Recent Items

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Launch of Consultation on Draft ENNOH Rules of Procedure for Consulting Stakeholders

As announced during the Stakeholder Workshop celebrated on 16th of April, the (future) HTNOs would like to consult all the interested parties...

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External Stakeholder Workshop

Following the finalisation of the H2 and Gas Decarbonised Package, the (future) hydrogen transmission network operators (HTNOs) shall sub...

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