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Launch of Consultation on Draft ENNOH Rules of Procedure for Consulting Stakeholders

ENNOH Stakeholder Consultation Announcement

On April 16, the future Hydrogen Transmission Network Operators (HTNOs) hosted an External Stakeholder Workshop to introduce preliminary concepts for the ENNOH Rules of Procedure (RoPs) on Consulting Stakeholders. The workshop attracted a diverse group of stakeholders whose insightful feedback will help shape the development of these guidelines.

During the workshop, the HTNOs committed to issuing a consultation document that outlines the guiding principles for the ENNOH RoPs on Consulting Stakeholders. These procedures will detail ENNOH's approach to consulting and engaging stakeholders in the creation of its main deliverables, as outlined in the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market Package. The consultation will also include overviews of ENNOH's structure and its Articles of Association (AoA).

Invitation to Participate

Stakeholders are encouraged to review and comment on the guiding principles for the ENNOH RoPs and the general structure of ENNOH, including the AoA structure. Your feedback is invaluable to us when preparing the final draft of the RoPs and setting up the organisation.

Process and Timeline

Following this consultation period, the HTNOs will draft the EN NOH RoPs for Consulting Stakeholders and finalise the organisational set-up. All required draft documents will be submitted to ACER and the European Commission in July.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your written comments to by no later than close of business on Friday, May 31. To streamline the review process, we request that you use the feedback template provided below.

Publication of Responses

All responses will be published on the ENNOH website (, unless marked as “confidential.” This publication will include a list of respondents' names.

An "Evaluation of Responses" document will also be prepared and made available, summarising how stakeholders’ input was incorporated by way of short summaries of aggregated responses.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or additional requests related to this consultation, please reach out to us at

Consultation Materials: